At Crissoni Audiovisual Services & Communication we will advise you on how to develop an identity that will allow you to act more competitively in your sector with the sole purpose of achieving your objectives and adding value to your company. We have a wide range of possibilities for you to choose what your company needs.

Communication and event strategy

There is no doubt that at present, without a correct communication strategy, our event will not have the impact we wish. At Crissoni Audiovisual Services & Communication we take care of this communication strategy, providing added value to the event and integrating the brand image, which will be impregnated in the strategy.

Planning of face-to-face and digital media

At Crissoni Audiovisual Services & Communication we analyse all the factors involved in the environment so that the execution and results of the action plan are successful. We know that there are more and more options for transmitting the marketing message and the possibilities seem endless, which is why the skill and experience of a good team are two key components in dealing with this environment of constantly changing trends.

Communication analysis

We analyze the situation of your company, observing weaknesses and strengths to draw up a communication plan with objectives for growth, positioning, branding and online reputation.

Social Media - Digital Campaigns

Social networks are currently one of the most direct and effective means of communication with our clients. The presence on the networks is becoming almost obligatory for companies, at Crissoni Audiovisual Services & Communication we help you manage the content on the networks so that the message you want to offer reaches the users in an appropriate manner.

Advertising campaigns

To make an advertising campaign it is important to first define a main theme. On which idea, images, format or values it will be oriented. The theme of the campaign is the main message and the one that is later transmitted in the different media.

At Crissoni Audiovisual Services & Communication we take care of all the phases of the process, attending to the needs of each client.

Marketing promocional

At Crissoni Audiovisual Services & Communication we are in charge of creating and planning promotional marketing campaigns to encourage the end consumer and thus encourage the sales of products or services of any company.